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Our society, immersed in a world that tends to globalization, urgently demands versatile organizations able to respond to this changing context by offering new services and quality products.

Therefore, innovation is now a vital factor; a differentiating element that enables any organization to equip itself with the human and technological resources necessary to be distinguished from other organizations in their industry and get ahead of it. Only by incorporating innovation as an unavoidable component in the design of strategies it will be possible to ensure its viability and sustainability.

The CIIC – ICCI is a research group with the experience, knowledge, scientific rigor and all necessary springs to shape the innovation project that your organization requires to achieve such beneficial differentiation.


In the current social and economic context, characterized by dynamics that cross national boundaries forming a rich and complex web of human relationships, the need to direct the activity of any organization towards internationalization is imposed, because it represents an added value that in no way should be disregarded. Beyond the situations subject to different economic cycles, internationalization implies a medium- and long-term vision that should be incorporated into the structure of any organization that aspires to grow.

The CIIC – ICCI has the preparation, knowledge, scientific rigor and all the necessary resources to design the internationalization process that will promote such growth, putting its organization at the forefront.

CIIC - Internacionalización


CIIC - Investigación

Our research models the knowledge of the environment that surrounds us in its various manifestations, thereby facilitating our adaptation. This basic principle should also be present in the structure of any organization, since research becomes a fundamental activity for sustenance and viability. More specifically, knowing precisely the context in which it operates, as well as the real possibilities of improvement, is an unavoidable element that no organization should neglected.

The CIIC – ICCI was born fully aware of this need, and therefore it now has the experience and the necessary means to carry out, in multiple fields and without departing from scientific rigor, the research processes which can benefit a large number of organizations.


We understand quality as a deliberate action plan that any organization must have, in order to develop its full potential, to expand its functional capacity, to become more competitive and ensure its sustainability over time. To make this possible, it is necessary to make research the starting point, in order to provide a thorough understanding of the environment in which each organization operates, to the available resources that can be managed and to develop training plans that fit accurately the existing needs.

The CIIC – ICCI has the knowledge, methods and appropriate resources to design strategies that each organization requires, by integrating all these factors in cohesive manner.

CIIC - Estrategia

Your CIIC - ICCI project

Do you have an innovation project and you can’t find the way to implement it?

Bring it to CIIC – ICCI and we will work with you to develop it along with our partners. Our scientific committee will verify its quality and place it in one of our workspaces.


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