About Us

The International Centre on Continuous Innovation – ICCI is essentially a multidisciplinary research group that was born with the aim of responding to new educational challenges of the globalized world we live in.

We believe that learning should be an uninterrupted continuous pathway through different stages of development of the person, from school to the company, passing through the University. Under this prior consideration, our primary objective will be to actively collaborate with all those agents who necessarily must intervene in this long journey, Lifelong Learning, thereby seeking to break the usual lack of communication between them.

Quiénes somos


To achieve this objective, we intend to weave a powerful and effective network of synergetic connections that benefit the individual in both its academic and professional career, as well as the various agencies, institutions and companies that will give it impulse.


In ICCI’s vision there are also our four strategic lines of work.

  • The first line is oriented towards innovation, the key factor that makes possible the necessary differentiation that any organization requires today. Undoubtedly, in the current global context, the versatility of all actors involved in the training field is an inexcusable demand that must be addressed urgently.
  • The second line is internationalization, understood as the added value that none of these agents can overlook, if they aspire to grow and expand their educational horizon. The current socio-economic dynamics of undeniable transboundary nature have created a rich and complex web of human relationships; in which it has been imposed the need to focus individual training towards internationalization; a need that the ICCI seeks to respond in an appropriate manner.
  • Research is our third line of action, because we believe it is an essential condition to understand and adapt to the environment that surrounds all agents. With scrupulous application of the scientific method, ICCI decidedly aims to facilitate and promote research, since only on that valuable activity there is real quality training.
  • The fourth line focuses on quality, a concept defined as a deliberate and comprehensive action plan destined to realize the full potential of an organization or an individual, extending its functional capacity, gaining in competitiveness and thus ensuring professional sustainability over time.


These are, broadly speaking, the essential elements of ICCI’s mission, fully and harmoniously linked to a certain conception of the person and education, from which the values that we consider indispensable emerge. The first of these, equity, is already suggested in Article 1 of the Declaration of Human Rights promulgated by ONU, because we consider it vital for this to be reflected also in the world of education. And the second, quality, which means to proceed according to stable criteria and rigorous manner, because we believe that this is largely excellence at work.