ICCI is an innovation center created to provide answers to students and companies in the face of the new challenges of a constantly changing work world.

ICCI’s methodology perfectly combines research and innovation, in the conviction that these are the appropriate ways to offer excellent individualized attention to students and companies.

Quiénes somos


ICCI intends to weave a powerful and effective network of synergistic connections that benefit the individual in his/her career and professional training, as well as companies from all sectors in their purpose of constant improvement.


Here in ICCI we work based on two great strategic lines:

  1. Optimize the student’s employability through our courses and training activities.

Within this first line, we encourage learning through entrepreneurship, considering that in today’s business world this is a new way of entering the work market.

  1. Identify the needs of companies and offer the professional profiles that best fit them.

Within this second line, we foster growth and professional development in the company, with the objective of expanding its operational capacity, thus gaining competitiveness.


A universal concept of the individual and his/her formation, from which equity vigorously emerges as the value that we consider inalienable.

The ICCI, in this sense, is aligned with the fourth objective of the UN’s sustainable global development plan, according to which “it is necessary to guarantee an inclusive, equitable and quality education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all“.